Version 2.0

I’ve had my website hosted on my server for decades now. I loved how it made me feel more like a geek, because I was coding and customising the hard/traditional way.

In a freak accident in December 2015, I accidentally deleted my entire blog’s directory on my website, and did not realise my error till recent times. My service provider only keeps back-ups for three days, and needless to say, my memories have been wiped clean, never to be seen again. Thank goodness I had the good sense to register for this account 10 years ago, to retain my long used online name.

While I am sad at the demise of my blog, which has been my voice through the years thatĀ charted my ups and downs, my growths and my thoughts, I guess I can also say that I am glad I am able to start with a clean slate. No more embarrassing moments of the past; the many faux pas I made; or even that one blog entry that I refused to take down of a certain cleaning company and their lack of service which earned me the proud honour of being one of the many bloggers being served up a letter claiming defamation (they went away).

I started blogging when I was 19, just entering university. My idea of a holiday was reading the ‘Dummies Guide to HTML’ by the beach in Phuket. I was hooked to the internet, loving the fact that a bunch of letters and numbers could make beautiful designs on a computer screen.

Blogging followed me through depression, suicide, recovering, getting married, having a baby, divorce, photography, … life.

I turned 36 two weeks ago. I feel like I’ve just embarked on yet another phase of life, with better understanding of myself, and a clearer idea of the person I want to grow older as.

Version 2.0 – to new beginnings and moving ahead!

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